Creative Direction Portfolio

Ontario Lottery Corporation: Pro•Line: 'Bar-Hopping Aliens' Partnering with legendary Hollywood 'Alien' Director of Photography Derek VanLint and Director David Storey of Corner Gas fame, Nelson Cabral created a TV spot that garnered him a Playback Magazine 'Top Spot of The Year' Award. Plus, Sport Select sales exceeded the original plan of $200.0MM fuelled by growth on
the PRO•LINE business of +7%.
GE: Handi•Hite North American Launch: 'Fridge Flip' A simple demonstration, memorable idea and flawless execution clearly communicated the consumer benefit: the foods you use most, at the perfect height. This North American-wide campaign turned sales upside down and put the GE Handi•Hite on back order for two years.
SABIAN APX: Global Product Launch:
'We Break Sound Barriers' For APX, Nelson conceptualized aggressive, screaming rock players overlaid with shattered glass to underscore APX’s extraordinary ability to cut through any music and communicate an extremely loud, high-pitched glassy sound. He was also the originator of the 'APX guillotine' which drove home the message that 'APX cuts through amplified guitars'. At NAMM in Anaheim, California, the world’s largest musical instruments trade show, an actual life-size guillotine rocked onlookers and launched APX with lots of noise. Early buy-in from the trade and consumers, high awareness at NAMM, and unprecedented requests for more in-store presence.
Atlantic Lottery: Corporate Brand: 'WIN WIN' Built around the catchy music of James Brown’s 'I Feel Good', this Corporate Brand campaign featured real people delivering unscripted comments on how lottery profits benefit Atlantic Canadians. Nelson Cabral’s creative vision and concept shifted critical attitude and perception, impacting public attitudes towards the Lottery. Most gratifying, awareness of where lottery profits go surged from 11% to 67%. In addition, the campaign lead to Atlantic Lottery’s recognition nationally by Marketing Magazine as one of the Top 10 'Marketers That Mattered'. Atlantic Lottery Corporate Brand: 'WIN WIN'
Adidas: Feet You Wear North American Product/Brand Launch: 'We Copied It' Adidas was pinning its hopes on a new technology developed at its Portland operation called Feet You Wear, which provides better support by following the contours of the human foot. Nelson was the mastermind behind the first year launch concept: 'the reflected foot', and year two concept: 'the painted foot'. These campaigns put adidas back in the game against Nike, scoring points in the North Amercian market as revenues jumped from $1.7 billion to $2.8 billion in two years due, in part, to sales of Feet You Wear.
SABIAN Cymbals: Global Brand: 'What's Your Sound?' Nelson Cabral developed an idea where a 'brotherhood' of drummers was featured in environments that visually communicate the key sound attributes of the specific cymbal line they play. Coined 'The Drummers' Director', Cabral directed the film and photo shoots in LA and New York with 50 of the world’s best drummers and percussionists. The results: increased confidence from trade partners globally, seeing SABIAN as a leader with its own vision and a compelling brand with a 'cool factor' that translates across global markets.