Cabral Originals

And you thought airbrushing was graffiti on a Shaggin' Wagon.

Moving the art of airbrushing to a totally new level, CABRAL Originals has been building a following of admirers around the world since 1989.

Whether you’re looking to add a unique masterpiece to your art collection, or a company needing a powerful way to engage your audience, “The Nelson Technique” does the job every time. Nelson is an artist and creator who has the experience to playfully blur the line between art and commerce.

Inspired by Salvador Dali, Syd Brak and Frederick William Lawrence, “The Nelson Technique” is best known for its mastery of light and texture and the ability to create highly-rendered images.

Nelson is often heard saying art is for everybody, and he means it. He has real faith in art’s ability to transform people’s lives. Nelson is thrilled to be sharing his love of the airbrush with the world and creating art that transcends an international audience. Engage the Master of The Urban Concept to imagine a CABRAL Original for you today.