Brand Workshops

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Oyster: Find your pearl.
The power of an idea can transform your future.

When you need to solve a business challenge, or create or evolve a brand, a workshop led by Nelson Cabral gets the job done in a creative, original, thought-provoking way.

A corporate workshop experience unlike any other, Nelson leads you and your team through a brand-happy day. Together, we will co-create new ideas and directions for your company.

Nelson inspires a creative environment designed to access everyone’s imagination and pull together participant’s raw ideas to create fresh strategies for change. You’ll be amazed at the breakthroughs you are able to achieve.

This jam-packed day of fun-filled experiential exercises will not only create better brand experiences, but can draw out the best in all participants: building vision, team confidence, enthusiasm and increasing company loyalty.

Inspiring and engaging, the Master of the Urban Concept can help you create business-building ideas and transform them into action. After all, creativity is the most powerful force in business.